Common Design Mistakes Interior Designers Always Notice

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The job of an interior designer is to transform your vision of a perfect home into reality. We strive to create spaces that you feel comfortable in and that brings out your personality. We also work to create not only an aesthetically balanced living space but also a functional one infused with a charm that is indeed your own.

When it comes to decorating, some people believe that flipping through a few interior decorating magazines as well as doing some online research about the latest trends is enough to fulfill their decorating needs, but there’s actually a little more to it than that. Decorating a home is an art that requires an eye for balance and placement as well as an understanding of how to mix items old and new. It’s harder than it looks and therefore easy to make some mistakes.

In my many years as a designer, I’ve seen clients make a wide array of design mistakes, but some blunders are more common than others. With that in mind, at K Wohler Interiors has compiled a list of six of the most common design mistakes people seem to make unknowingly.

1. Decorating using all the latest design trends. While there’s nothing wrong with changing the look of your home to keep up with the latest trends, you should avoid doing it too often. Apart from being expensive, keeping up with the continuously changing trends can be challenging and frustrating. Instead, I suggest that you find a style you like and supplement it with additions from the latest trends. This strategy of mixing and matching ensures that your home is not just up to date but timeless as well.

2. Not focusing on display. As an individual, I have certain “collections” that are close to my heart and feel the need to give them a place of prominence in my home. I’m sure you feel the same. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that all their collections must be on display; so they pick out pieces of furniture to accommodate all these collections and end up with a stuffy and cluttered room.

A solution to this problem is sitting yourself down and picking out your favorites or the best pieces. A few months later, you can switch it all up and put a fresh set of items from your collection. This will ensure that the articles you display will stand out more prominently and have a better effect while giving the room a lighter and less cluttered feel.

3. Arranging furniture flush against a wall. Very often, people try to free up more space in the room by pushing furniture against the wall. While it does offer you more room, it completely takes away the warmth of the room and occasionally makes the room feel boring and extremely symmetrical.

I believe that if you’re trying to foster conversation, you should arrange the furniture in clusters by pulling them away from the walls and towards each other. This will encourage dialogue and give the room a more intimate feel and make the living rooms cozier and more interesting to live in.

4. Hanging artwork prominently. Art appeals to the soul and creates a visual appeal like no other, but it doesn’t mean that the artwork should have center stage in your home. Often, there are times that I have purchased an expensive piece of art and feel obligated to display it prominently. However, instead of trying to make it stand out, I try to use the piece of art to enhance the beauty of my home, and you can do so too. I believe that art can look equally pleasing over a sideboard in a hallway with a pile of books, a lamp or even a telephone for that matter!

5. Hanging artwork too high. Following up from the previous mistake, people often hang artwork at the wrong height. Research suggests that the ideal height to hang art is at about fifty-eight inches from the ground or at eye level. According to gallery specifications, this is the optimum height at which it can be appreciated because it creates a presence and is neither in your face nor too subtle to notice.

6. Choosing the wrong size area rug. Area rugs are used to designate spaces. People often forget this and fit small rugs in their living space, which makes everything look disjointed and uncomfortable. A large area rug creates a point of interest and makes the space feel connected. While using multiple smaller rugs in your living space may be economic or more fashionable, they make everything look disjointed and uncomfortable. I believe that rugs should be big enough to fit at least a few chairs and touch the sofa legs including them into the space. Usually, area rugs are of two sized ‘8x10’ or ‘9x12’. Sometimes it is hard to judge how big an area rug should be, in this case, you should remember that bigger is better, or call me, I’ll be happy to help!

If you’re planning on redecorating your home, I want to help you make the most of it by helping you steer clear of these and many other mistakes. I pride myself on my ability to deliver beautiful aesthetic and balanced designs by attending to all your design requirements right from interior decorating and space planning to custom bedding and color consultations. K Wohler Interiors, aim's to provide you with your dream home without you having to deal with any of the hard work or stress. I believe that every job is unique, and I make sure that you receive the home you want within your budget and style.

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